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Keeping It Simple Shopping for Exercise and Nutritional Products.
Nourishing your body requires paradigm thought. Optimum benefit of nutrition is realized through physical activity, whether indoor or outdoor.
Physical exercise activates the potential of nutrients fed to the body, with the added potential to improve cognisence regardless of maturity.

Arguably, Algae is the foundation of the food chain on planet Earth. Though with mixed reviews, is rising on the list of beneficial nutrition suppliments.

Klamath Lake in southern Oregon, is hailed as the dominate source of the wild cultured, organic form of
Blue Green Algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) on planet Earth suitable for human consumption.

For many years, high quality cultured blue green algae (Spirulina) has been harvested for human consumption, the quality of which, by the way, depends greatly upon a quality environment.

Many factors make Klamath Lake blue green algae unique.
1. Purity of lake water.
2. Depth of the lake.
3. Abundance of minerals.
4. Abundance of sunshine.
5. Accessability to make highest quailty blue green algae available to the consumer.

Perpetual Renewable Food Resource! Even though the growing period of Klamath Lake blue green algae(late May to late August) is seasonal, there is enough estimated blue green algae harvested, each season to feed the world.

Klamath Lake blue green algae contains virtually every mineral, essential vitamin, amino acids, vital to support optimum nutritional balance in the human body, as well as pets.