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  * An ever increasing percentage of individuals are turning to the internet for free wedding and event planning resources. 

J.R. Publications provides at no cost, a central  Resource to find wedding and beautiful event venues.  These searchers are motivated by sense of urgency to find you.

   J.R. Publications makes it simple for the searcher to find you.

  Advertising packages for your business included are  designed to reach those planning weddings, honeymoons,

social & business events through  Leads & Links  in our 

web portals plus links in our blogs, the "Becoming Engaged" e-newsletter and our Marketing Solutions newsletter. 

   *Daily wedding statistic: 46% of engaged couples in the U.S. South found at least one of their wedding or event professionals through an Internet search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).

  1. Weekly Permission based leads – as available.  
  2. Announcement with link in our “Becoming Engaged” e-newsletter sent to thousands of brides.  
  3. Receives “Marketing Solutions” newsletter.**

**Client may create art to our specifications



note: Prices are subject to change without notice. 

***Local sales tax will be added to the subtotal price. 

  1. ***Action Pkg. $400
  2. ***Benefits Pkg.  $480
  3. ***Corporate Pkg. $680
  4. ***Deluxe Corp. Pkg. $880
  5. ***Extensive links  Pkg.     $1,000
  6. ***(6.) TILES & BANNERS

10%  savings apply to link packages that run 2 years 

  1. 8-12 links  with link-back to Bridal leads, 100 space description.
  2. 20 link coverage + 2 spotlights on Beautiful Events. Bridal leads, 100 space description. 
  3. 30 links + 4 tiles on side bars in categories and geographical marketing regions. Bridal leads, 100 space description.
  4. 40  link coverage + 6 Tiles on side bars in categories and geographical marketing regions. Bridal leads,100 space description.
  5. 60  link coverage + 12  Tiles in categories and geographical marketing regions. Bridal leads,100 space description.
  6. ***Art Fee of $250 for Tile and $350 for Banners 
View examples of banners, tiles and links on...

"*Beautiful Weddings and Events the digital Magazine or "*Romantic Destinations  E-Book Advertising come with 10 link package and leads.  Digital Magazine runs for 2 years.

  1. ** Magazine and E-Book Advertisements come with complimentary 10 link package and leads. (Full page 8.5 X 11 tall= $900.***) (You provide an article with 2 photos embedded.) 
  2.  **Half Page 8.5 X 5.5 = $500.*** (You provide a graphic ad to our specifications.)

J.R. Publications has art fees when we design graphic advertisements and write articles.

Mobile Apps 

 Marketing through Mobile Apps is HOT

There are one billion Smart Phones in use today in the USA with a predicted increase of nearly 500% in the next 2years.


  1. Place of business = $1500***
  2. Places of business= $2000***

With 40% deposit, 

3 month terms are available.


  1.  Choose from 35 applications, Push Marketing available.
  2. Small monthly App Link Fee after one time design 3 or more are individually quoted.

Google 360 Degree Virtual Tour Pricing 

by The Google Guy 

The Google Guy is the gateway to the Google server.  There are many talented photographers , however, they are not trained, approved or contracted with Google to provide the services offered.  Your photography fee is due and payable at the time of the photo shoot.

Pricing depends on the number of photos  you desire for the virtual tour of your  business. Prices range from 3 photos for $249*** ...30 for $1,140*** .

Once you make your choice, contact me Richard Thomas  at (707) 823-1774 or I will contact you at the phone number you select to make arrangements for the Google 360 Degree Virtual Tour.


3  | $249***

4  | $369***

5  | $399***

6  | $429***

7  | $459***

8  | $489***

9  | $519***

10| $549***

11| $579***

12| $609***

13| $639***

14| $669***

15| $699***

16| $729***

17| $759***

18| $789***

19| $819***

20| $849** *

21| $879***

22| $909***

23| $939***

24| $969***

25| $999***

26| $1,029***

27| $1,059***

28| $1,089***

29| $1,119** *

30| $1,149***

Review the Advertising packages carefully. Select the Marketing package and options of your choice. Bookmark this page for future reference. Need assistance? Place your question in the text area. You may also call Richard Thomas at (707) 823-1774 for more personal contact. (For security, send no payment now. You will be contacted by phone personally for your approval on total pricing.) Upon your approval, your payment (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Pay Pal and Checks are accepted.) Once payment is received and approved, within 24 hours your ads will be live.

*****Be sure to read the Privacy Policy carefully before pressing the SUBMIT button.

Click the links package of your choice.

Digital Magazine and E-Book links.

Duration of Advertising Campaign

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