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Tunnels in the Briar Patch: the Adventures of Roland McCray


Set in the 1960's, Roland McCray'sadventures recall a simpler time when kids played for hours outdoors, insteadof hours on video games. His mother took him to a Baptist church every Sunday,but it was his grandfather who taught him that faith is not just for show; itis a quiet and unwavering belief that all things work for the good of those whoseek good. Roland sees the moral lesson in everything he does and shares itwith his friends. Roland's childhood innocence and perceptive views are seen invividly descriptive nostalgic parables that have a timeless and spiritualquality about them that allows the reader to experience the world he sees. Roland'snaivety and determination will strike a chord with adults and impart goodmorals in every child!

Cowbob and the

Teeter Totter Gang

When his Pa accepts a job in New York City, Robert is ripped from the only world he has ever known. With his farmhouse vanishing in the distance of the rear-view mirror, he is forced to cope with life's problems in the usual way.

He closes his eyes and opens his mind, escaping to a world where he has control. No longer Robert from Arkansas, he takes on the infamous Teeter-Totter Gang as Cowbob. The more Robert struggles to adjust to the new life he was thrust into, the more problems seem to be thrown his way. When Bullies try to take him down, he looks to Cowbob to show him the way

 Tunnels in the Briar Patch


The Wrestler

Nicolaus Martin, who everyone called Nicky, has always loved wrestling. As a child, he and his brothers would wrestle around as they watched WWF, WCW and NWA. No matter how poor their lives were, wrestling would make it all better, even if it was for an hour.

Nicky and his family were very poor. Every winter there was at least a month with no electricity at their home. And he was bullied starting at the age of 13. But the more he got picked on, the tougher he got.

Nicky and his buddies had such an imagination. They made up their own wrestling in a little town in Illinois. They made their championship belts out of cardboard and aluminum foil. By age 17, his toughness got him noticed by a small wrestling organization. Before he knew it, he was wrestling in Japan for $50 a night.

Now this was not entertainment. This stuff was real. Nicky broke his nose several times and was on the injured list more than not. He got to the place where it would not be evident that he was in pain. Nicky fought for a championship three times, but lost all three. Two of those times were after he got sprayed in the eyes with a green mist by the champion.

Now, Nicky was sent back to the States, broke and broken. But he heads back to the gym to see if he can resurrect those dreams of being on national television and pay-per-view as a professional wrestler

Rain On Your Wedding Day 

A modern Southern Gothic novel about one family's tragic past and the consequences that it holds for their future.

Five years ago, Will Morse was arrested and charged with the murder of his youngest daughter Trixie. Will maintained his innocence, and claimed that Trixie's death was a suicide. Although Will escaped criminal charges, he lost his job as a Coca-Cola executive in the scandal. His wife, Danielle, left him, convinced that he had some role in Trixie's death. Distraught and racked by grief and guilt, Will retreated to the safety and silence of a remote cabin in the North Georgia wilderness.

Will's only connection to the outside world is a phone call he receives once a year, at Christmas, from his daughter Alicia. But this year, Alicia calls to tell Will that she is paying him a visit. Alicia arrives with her fiance in tow, and tells Will that she expects him to attend the wedding in the spring.

Will wants to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, especially once he learns that she is pregnant. However, Will fears that attending the wedding will bring up painful memories from his past, and lead to conflict with his ex-wife and her family, who still blame him for Trixie's death.

Rain On Your Wedding Dayis a poignant, moving tale about the need for forgiveness, redemption, and Coca Cola.