Simple Web Design 

Web design does not have to be complicated.  Nor does it have to be expensive.  There is a plethora of companies on the internet offering  great web design for a fee.

In the infancy of the internet,  web design was a new frontier requiring a higher level of computer language understanding.  Somewhere along the beaten path of web development, software developed that would make webpage building simple for even a novice like me.

Free web space began to attract more settlers  on the World Wide Web frontier with the development of micro technology, making paid-for web space more affordable.

But there still remains an element of expertise required that spawned software with the ability to produce professional looking web sites in a matter of minutes by individuals with no greater typing skills than just the index fingers on each hand.

By the time I've finished and published this webpage, I will have spent 30 minutes in what used to take me days to develop. 

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