Keeping it all simple is what it's all about. Nurture your inspiration with products posted.     Doing what you love and loving what you do makes life worth living.

    Marketing your voice talent is a growing industry. Many brave enough to enter the ever growing audio book and voice over industry will find the tools required to set up a recording studio in their home.

    You can make money from your own recording home studio.  You may even land a steady stream of work from a publisher who loves your work to give you a sense of accomplishment. 

Set up an recording studio in your own home. Many are finding success with their very own recording business. All you need is the right equipment and a space to set up. Earn money with audiobooks! Below are budget minded start-up packages.
Setting up an audiobook recording space in your home need not be expensive. Below are budget minded home studio start-up packages. The right editing software vital.
Listed below is audio editing software I have used with great success. I use WavePad(c) Sound Editor Masters Edition for all my audiobook recording.
An essential part of your audiobook recording studio is, a chair that is comfortable and especially; NOT SQUEAKY when you move around, which is difficult not to while recording!
High quality headphones are a critical element to editing your audiobook recordings. They need not be expensive, just noise cancelling and above all, comfortable.
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